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Description of the localization tool

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A short introduction to the OpenCms localization tool

The localization tool makes it easy to create an OpenCms workplace translation. In essence, the tool gives you an overview about the current state of your workplace translation and allows you to copy / paste missing keys to your translation file. It also can re-read the changed localization file without restarting the server, so you can do the translation much faster and step by step.

For a start, check out the localization tool! We have provided a simple example of the "Kölsch" language, a locale German dialect spoken only in the city of Cologne, to give you the idea how this looks (probably you will not understand any of it even if you know German ;-).

How to setup the localization tool

The tool will read your localization property file and compares your translation to the default english workplace version. Before that you must tell the tool where your localization is located. You have two options to do this:

  1. You can adjust the "target" property of the tool to point directly to your localization file. To do so, lock the "showresources.jsp" page in this folder and open the properties dialog. Edit the "target" property and enter the complete path to your file here. This is the easiest way for you to work later.
  2. Alternatively, you could copy your translation property file, (e.g workplace_it.properties) from the subfolder classes/com/opencms/workplace/ of your localization module into this folder (i.e. the folder /alkacon-documentation/howto_workplace_translation/ ). Then rename the file to new.properties. The tool by default uses this filename as input file.

After you have setup the tool you can start working on your translation. Just open the tool in one window and your property file in the OpenCms editor. Add some keys to your localization from the list of "Missing keys", save the editor and reload the tool window.  You can copy - paste from the list of "Missing keys" directly to your editor. Iterate this until you have no more "Missing keys".

Overview of the displayed key lists

Matching keys

Shows a list with all matching key values of the default english workplace and your current translation of that key. You have the option to [hide] or [show] all matching keys.

Unrequired keys

If you added one or more unrequired keys to your translation (i.e. keys which are not listed in the default english workplace properties), there will be a notification, otherwise you will see a message that everything is fine.

Missing keys

Displays a list of all keys which are currently not listed in your translation. You have the option to [hide] or [show] this list. If shown, you can copy / paste the keys from the left column of the default [split view] to your translation property file. In the [combined view] all keys are listed with their corresponding english value. You can use this [combined view] feature e.g. to mail a list of missing keys with the default english translation to someone who can help you with the translation.

New keys sorted

This is an alphabetically sorted list of your key / value pairs. You have the option to [hide] or [show] this view. You can use this list to copy / paste your results back to the translation file after you are finished translating, so that all keys are in an alphabetical order.

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