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JSP template development Howto

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OpenCms template development with JSP

One of the most important aspects of website building is the creation of the required templates. Sites generated by OpenCms are build by using one or more templates that define a uniform layout of the presented content.

This howto describes some easy steps on how to create JSP based page templates. As this is a core functionality required in almost all projects, you should study this documentation carefully. Following the steps described here, you should be able to get your JSP template up and running in a short time.

How do JSP templates compare to XMLTemplates?

If you are a long - time OpenCms user, you might be used to building templates with the OpenCms "XMLTemplate" technology. This is still available, so you can continue to use this if you want. However, JSP templates offer some substantial advantages over XMLTemplates:

  • Much, much, much shorter learning curve
  • Faster development cycle
  • Faster runtime execution
  • Standards conforming, so you can re-use your knowledge elsewhere

Because of this advantages we recommend the use of JSP based templates as described here with OpenCms 6.0.

JSP Template developing in 4 easy steps:

file Step 1: Creating a simple JSP template

How to create a very simple JSP template for editable pages

file Step 2: Creating a complete JSP template

How to extend a JSP template for the use in JSPs

file Step 3: Creating a JSP Template with multiple page elements

Click on the link above to open this item.

file Step 4: Using a JSP template from scriptlet

How to use a JSP template without using the OpenCms taglib

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