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OpenCms direct editing

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The direct editing feature of OpenCms

The "direct edit" feature of OpenCms 6 allows editing of pages directly "from the page". This means it is not required to be in the OpenCms workplace to edit a page. You simply open the page in the browser, and edit from there.

Please note: To use the direct edit feature, the user must be in an "Offline" project. Direct editing is not possible from the online project. This also means the user must log in first.

If in an Offline project, just click on the "Edit" button on the page to edit any text element.

The following pages show the direct edit feature on pages and the inclusion of editable elements on JSPs from other pages.

file Demo page with 1 element

Demo 1: Simple page with one element

file Demo page with 2 elements

Demo 2: Page with two elements

file Demo page with 3 elements

Demo 3: Page with three elements

file Demo page with 4 elements

Demo 4: Page with four elements

file Demo page with tags

Demo 5: JSP with editable element included using

file Demo page with scriptlets

Demo 6: JSP with selectable and editable element included using scriptlets

file Demo page with scriptlets including other elements

Demo 7: JSP with collected teaser elements of other pages

file Demo page with link examples

Demo 8: Page with link examples for internal and external links

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