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Integration of the Lucene search engine in OpenCms

This part of the documentation describes the integration of the Lucene search engine in OpenCms. The search examples module accompanies this part as example of integrating the search facility in JSP.

Features of the Lucene integration in OpenCms:

Supports indexing/searching in

  • Plain text
  • Rich Text Format
  • XML
  • HTML
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Powerpoint
  • Adobe PDF
  • OpenCms XmlPages
  • OpenCms XmlContent
  • OpenCms VFS resources
  • (Optional) OpenCms 5.0 legacy COS module data

Additional features

  • Integrated snowball stemmer package with stemmers for various languages
  • Excerpt generation with hit highlighting
  • Permission check of search result items and suppression of unaccessible result items

How to continue from here

file Search Configuration: Overview

Shows the general structure of the search configuration in the cms registry

file Search configuration: Documenttypes

Explains the configuration of a single documenttype

file Search configuration: Analyzers

Explains the configuration of an analyzer

file Search configuration: Indexes

Explains the configuration of a search index

file Search configuration: Index Sources

Explains the configuration of index sources

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