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Exporting a module

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Exporting a module

In essence, the module export creates a ZIP file of your module folder and all resources identified by the "additionalresources" module property. The module export operates very much like the "normal" database export of OpenCms, but it also saves additional information about the module required by the system. This additional information is written to the OpenCms opencms-modules.xml file during module import. You must use the module import / export mechanism to transfer modules between OpenCms instances, or modules will become unusable. Do not use the "common" database export of OpenCms to export module folders.

To export an existing module from OpenCms, please follow these steps:

  1. Select Administration in the View selection of the workplace.
  2. You can do an export of a module either in the Online project or in any "offline" project (e.g. the default Offline project). This means you can also make changes to the module and export these changes before you actually publish them. Select the project you want to export the module from in the Project selection.
  3. Open the Module management.
  4. Select Export in the context menu of the module that you want to export:

  5. The export starts, reporting which files and folders are written to the zip archive of the exported module.
  6. After the export has finished, the zip archive of the exported module has been written to WEB-INF/packages/modules/.
  7. The name of the exported module follows this convention: <package name of your module>_<version>.zip, as for example com.alkacon.documentation.documentation_modules_2.0.zip

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