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OpenCms 6.0 interactive documentation:

Administrating a module

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Administration of installed modules

Certain settings can be configured for installed modules. You can specify dependencies between modules, and you can configure key/value coded module properties. To administrate a module, open the entry Administrate in the context menu of a module:

The Module administration wizard will open. The first dialog is the same dialog as the module creation dialog where you can change version numbers, descriptions etc. If you continue by clicking Continue, you are forwarded to the module dependencies dialog:

Module Dependencies

It is possible that your module depends on several other modules with certain versions. This will prevent that people will install a module that requires another module. OpenCms will then check whether all dependencies are fullfilled when you upload or delete a module. Please note, that if module B has a dependency on module A, you cannot uninstall (or update) module A without also uninstalling module B (because it depends on module A). Enter the package name of the module that is required, and at least a minimum version number. Click the blue arrow icon to add the dependency. The max version is deprecated and not used anymore.

If you continue by clicking Continue, you are forwarded to the module properties dialog:

Module properties

Each module property consists of:

  • a Name (which is the key to read the module property out),
  • a Type , all types are mapped to string
  • a Value,
  • and a Description.

Module properties are intended to add further custom configuration settings to your module, which you later read out in your Java code.

Important: A special module property is additionalresources, which is a semicolon separated list of folders and files in the VFS outside the module folder. These resources are considered to be part of the module, which means they are always im- or exported together with the module. Please note that if you delete a module, all additionalresources will also be deleted without further warning.

Important: The additionalresources are internally handled differently in OpenCms 6.0. Until a new gui is available, the now called resources are mapped to the old additionalresources parameter, but could be also edited direclty in the <resources> node of the manifest once the module is exported.

The additionalresources property is only supported for the "simple" type modules, not for the "traditional" type.

To add a new module property, click the New button and you will be forwarded to the module property edit dialog:

To edit an existing module property, simply click on the pencil icon on the right in the module properties dialog. Finally, simply click "Finish" to leave the Administration wizard.

Properties of a module

There is another option on the context menu of the modules called Properties. The module properties dialog contains the data entered in the Administration in some alternative display format. You can use either dialog to edit the module data.

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