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FlexCache Directives Examples

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Examples of FlexCache directive usage

Here are some simple examples for cache property settings. Note that even though you can combine all FlexCache directives, not all combinations always make sense.

cache property set to groups=(guests);timeout=15;
This entry would cause the caching of a resource only for the group "Guests". Also, the cached element would be invalidated at x.00, x.15, x.30 and x.45 of every hour.
cache property set to groups=(users, guests);no-params=(action, submit);
This entry would cause the caching of a resource for the groups "Guests" and "Users". For each of the two groups a separate variation entry for the resource will be saved in the cache. If one of the parameters "action" or "submit" is sent along with the request, the cache entry will be ignored (i.e. the resource will be generated dynamically).
cache property set to uri;groups;timeout=720;
For every top - level URI requested and for every group there will be a variation entry saved in the cache. The timeout interval will invalidate the elements every 720 minutes, i.e. at 0.00h and at 12.00h every day.

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